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Carbon additive

Carbon materials

The present development of metallurgy is characterized by core changes of both scales of high-quality steel production and its part in the general production and methods of obtaining. Strict requirements to the steel quality in modern metallurgy resulted in the development of new technologies that significantly changed the situation in steelmaking industry in recent years. It in its turn, obliged LLC “ANTR-ACTIV” to develop “Antractive”, modified and high-quality carbon material (TU 0320-002-12148148-2009) needed for steelmaking processes in contemporary metallurgy.

“Antractive” carbon material is produced by LLC “ANTR-ACTIV” from high-quality low-ash, low-sulphur anthracite by high-temperature operation, milling and enrichment.

Our product is made with the help of modern high-technology equipment, including drying and suction cleaning during the whole process, that allows to get the quality, meeting the requirements of the most sophisticated customers.

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