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Carbon additive



Recarburizer (artificially milled graphite) is a carbon material, produced at high temperatures and used for carburization of steel and cast iron. Low content of nitrogen is a significant characteristic of the material.

«Antractive» recarburizer is applied during the steelmaking with low cast iron content (allow of steel and carbon) in charge in Siemens-Martin, oxygen converter and electrosmelting processes. In metallurgy recarburizer (milled graphite) is widely used for slag foaming, during coal graphite production, as a filler for graphite-reinforced plastic. As an independent product recarburizer is used in other consuming productions.

Unique characteristics of our recarburizer open new possibilities of its application in various branches and make many of high-tech processes real.

«Antractive» recarburizer obtains stable high quality that provides quantitative carbon absorption and fast dissolution of the material.

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