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Carbon additive

Sphere of application of “Antractive” carbon materials

Steel industryе

Steel industry:

I. Carburizing of steel

1.1 Usage in a ladle during the tapping from steel-making unit (convector, arc and steelmaking furnaces). Carbon material of 0-10 fraction sits in a ladle during the tapping of the unit.

1.2 In ladle of ladle metallurgy facilities of LF type. Carburizing of steel is realized by coal injection (fraction 0-3mm) of steel liquid-alloy in inert gas current with the help of immersion lance. The set of bulk material (fraction 0-10 mm) onto the bared metal surface in the bottom tuyere operating zone for argon blow is possible.

II. Usage of carbon bulk material as an additional heating energy in the process of steelmaking

2.1 Charge of carbon bulk material (fraction 25-50 mm) in the convector allows to reduce the rate of liquid iron and increase the proportion of filled bar. Transfer to bar provides reduction of steel cost price.

2.2 Charge of carbon bulk material (fraction 25-50 mm) in the steelmaking furnace is realized by the charge into the charging basket with the bar or through the arch flow. The use of carbon materials in steelmaking furnace provides the scrap melting without the use of cold pig iron in furnace burden and reduce of energy consumption for steelmaking.


III. Usage of carbon material powder for sponging

Carbon material powder (fraction 0-3 mm) is injected into the liquid bath of arc steelmaking furnace simultaneously with the delivery of oxygen. Sponging is realized through CO bubble floating due to air oxidation of metal carbon. The usage of powder is usually 5-10 kg/t of steel. The arc is constantly closed by slag during the work with foamed slag that allows to exclude the negative influence of the arc on water cool element of the furnace and give ultimate output and thermal effectiveness. It increases the productivity of arc steelmaking furnace and reduces the energy consumption for steelmaking.

IV. Carbonaceous fillings (thermoanthracites)

Used in manufacturing of carbon and carbon-graphitic product: electrodes of different cut, bottom and side blocks for aluminum electrolysis units, blocks for blast furnaces, refractory lining units of different configuration for chemical production and other.

V. Carbonaceous reducing agents

Used in the ferro-alloy production (ferrosilicon,ferrochrome, silicon manganese and other.), chemical production, non-ferrous metallurgy and other electrothermal production (e.g. calcium carbide).

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