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Carbon additive

High-carbon material

High-carbon material

High-carbon material is a solid material grinded to homogeneous granules of definite size. The carbon content is up to 90% and there are no lumps and impurities.

High-carbon material is used in steel making for sponging. Its application is effective and economically efficient.

High-carbon material is produced of high-quality raw materials undergoing the purification, extraction and high-temperature operation stages. The material is sorted according to the size and constitution.

The quality of material complies with its manufacturing purpose and complies with the customer demands.

Application of high-carbon materials allows to reduce energy costs and boost the quality of produced goods.

High-carbon material is successfully used at different kinds of steelmaking units, e.g. electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces.

Unique properties of high-carbon material allow to increase significantly the sphere of its application far beyond the steelmaking production and to use it as both cement milling intensifier in cement production and fuel component of sintering.

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